Brooks Brothers is thrilled to unveil its exclusive capsule collection, crafted in partnership with Scarosso,
an Italian luxury footwear brand, celebrated for its sophisticated preppy aesthetic and artisanal expertise.

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Every piece within the capsule collection radiates polished allure: from the opulent burgundy tone of the Edward penny loafer to the blue and brown suede of the laid-back Leandro Tassel Loafer. Whether your preference lies in the polished black sheen of the Harry Derby or the relaxed sophistication of the classic Ugo white sneaker, embellished with Brooks Brothers' distinguished golden fleece symbol.

"You can say fashion is cyclical and things come in and out of style, but great American style you have to hand to Brooks Brothers. They were doing all of this stuff first."
Jim Moore

Discover this exclusive collection online at and, or drop by one of our select boutiques.