How do I care for my non-iron dress shirt?

Our men's non-iron shirts are designed for hassle-free maintenance. Discover the characteristics of the wrinkle free shirts and the best ways to take care of it.

What is the meaning of "non-iron shirt"?

Designed in 1953, the 'non-iron' shirt is made of crease-resistant fabric. Initially made of polyester and cotton, in 1998 Brooks Brothers was the first to offer non-iron shirts in 100% cotton, thanks to the fusion of cellulose molecules to make the fabric crease-resistant.

Can I dry clean my wrinkle free shirt?

These non-iron cotton shirts should not be dry cleaned. The high heat and chemicals used can break down the makeup of the garment causing the shirt to deteriorate and shorten its lifespan.

What is the best way to wash a non-iron shirt?

When you do need to launder your wrinkle free dress shirts,whether it's a dress shirt or a sports shirt, follow this instruction:


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Machine wash warm


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Tumble dry on low setting


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Only chlorine-free bleach


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Remove and hang immediately


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Iron with steam or on low setting only if necessary

The quality of the 100% cotton non iron shirts, make them ideal for the man who likes a more sophisticated look.

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