What are the best men's shirt fabrics?

Brooks Brothers offers a wide range of fabric weaves to suit any occasion. Each weave, like each wearer, is unique and maintain specific characteristics. So which one is right for you? The Brooks Brothers men's dress shirts collection has a wide range of colors and fabrics: blue oxford shirt or cotton oxford, oxford collar or Oxford collar button down (ocbd), cotton twill shirt or broadcloth dress shirt, we have it all.

Linen Fabric

Linen fabric, known for its breathable and lightweight nature, exudes a casual elegance perfect for warm weather.
We suggest mens Linen Shirt for:
  • leisurely gatherings
  • semi-formal events


    Seersucker Fabric

    Seersucker fabric features a puckered surface, enhancing air circulation and comfort. With its classic aesthetic, it's particularly suited for warm seasons.
    We suggest mens Seersucker Shirts for:
  • informal contexts
  • casual outdoor events


    Flannel Fabric

    Flannel is known for its distinct texture and warmth, making it particularly popular for fall and winter wear. It has a brushed surface that feels soft and slightly fuzzy. This fabric is appreciated for its excellent insulating properties.
    We suggest mens flannel shirt for:
  • everyday wear
  • outdoor activities
  • fall and winter events
  • weekend getaways


    Supima® Fabric

    World’s finest cottons. Supima® is a superior pima cotton fiber grown exclusively in the Southwestern United States. It is ultra soft, is incredibly durable and retains its colour longer than other cotton.
    We suggest mens Supima® Shirts for:
  • formal and semi-formal occasions such as a fancy night out or a cocktail party


    Oxford Fabric

    Oxford is a basket weave where multiple weft threads are crossed over an equal number of warp threads. Usually, one color of weft is crossed with a white warp thread resulting in a two-tone color appearance. Popular in casual shirts for its durability and versatility.
    We suggest Oxford shirt for:
  • family gatherings
  • casual Fridays at the office


    Pinpoint Fabric

    Pinpoint weaves maintain a single weft crossing two warp threads forming a pin point look. This fabric is a cross between poplin and oxford. Generally heavier and thicker than poplin due to its construction. Pinpoints are more formal than oxford cloth, but less formal than poplin.
    We suggest a pinpoint shirt for:
  • everyday business looks
  • a dinner date


    Poplin Fabric

    Poplin, also known as broadcloth, is a strong, very smooth and durable fabric that has an almost silky hand feel. The fabric has a crisp characteristic and generally feels the smoothest due to its lack of texture.
    We suggest cotton poplin shirt, also known as broadcloth shirts for:
  • formal occasions
  • everyday business looks
  • ceremonies

    Image 1
    Twill shirt
    Comprised of a distinct diagonal pattern, twill drapes very well, is resistant to creases, and easy to iron. Twill fabric is heavier and softer than poplin however, twill does not have as crisp of a feel.
    Image 2
    Herringbone shirt
    Inspired from the bones of a herring fish, the twill fabric is woven to create a chevron "V-shaped" design. Herringbone shirt meaning a smooth hand feel, a textured warmth, and a slight sheen, making this a great crossover option for both dress and casual needs.
    Image 3
    Royal Oxford Shirt
    The royal oxford is designed from a slightly changed two-three-two structure. An elevated fabric from its Oxford counterpart, the royal oxford holds a distinct luster and texture making it a more dressy fabric.

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