Shirt collar types: how to choose your collar dress shirt

Brooks Brothers proudly offers a variety of button-down shirts with different collar structures to fit each occasion. So which collar type is the right one for you?

Button-down Collar

At a polo match in England, John E. Brooks noticed something peculiar about the players’ collars: they were buttoned down so as to prevent their flapping in the wind. Bringing the discovery back to Brooks Brothers, the collar structure has become the staple in shirt design.
The button down collar shirts harbors the iconic soft, unlined comfort and casually distinctive “roll.” Sufficiently dressy with a tie, the men's button down collar shirts are most elegant when worn open, when its long points stand proud rather than collapsing under jacket lapels as many other collars do.
  • Pair with sports coat for a preppy look
  • Can leave the collar buttons open or closed
  • Can be worn with a tie if required


    Spread Collar Dress Shirt

    The mens spread collar shirt is a very popular and considered one of the staples of British and European style. It was popularized in the 1920s by the Prince of Wales. The wide spread format offers a wider collar to accommodate wider tie knots or ties made from thicker materials.
    Semi spread collar shirt is designed to be worn close with a tie.
  • More formal style of collar types
  • Ainsley shirts suits men with narrow faces and/or long necks
  • Suitable for a variety of tie materials and knots


    Pointed Collar Shirt

    Also referred to as "point collar" or "straight-point collar," the forward point collar maintains the narrowest distance between points. This design ensures your tie will fit snugly without gaps on either side.
    The extended pointed tips produce a slimming effect, mitigating the breadth and width of the face, making it particularly suitable for those with wider faces and shorter necks.
  • Versatile collar, suitable for most face sizes and shapes
  • Point collar dress shirt is elegant with a tie or worn open


    The Golf Collar Shirt

    The round collar shirt features a distinctively round-pointed collar. Embracing a more traditional style, the round collar dress shirt appeals to the old-school dresser but can also be paired with more modern, casual ensembles.
  • Perfect for semi-formal occasions such as a fancy night out or a cocktail party
  • A novelty look that can elevate an outfit or be dressed as a costume piece


    Winged Collar Shirt

    The men's wing collar shirt is worn today only with formal white-tie or semi-formal black tie events.
  • Wear with a bowtie
  • Wing collar dress shirt is best paired with a tuxedo or tailcoat
  • A more glamorous style that should only be worn for special occasions


    No Collar Shirts

    A variation from the era of detachable collars, band collar button down shirts are essentially shirts without collars at all. The band or base for the collar stand is traditionally where one would attach the collar with brass studs.
  • No collar dress shirt should not be worn with a tie
  • Shirt with no collar has rustic and relaxed look paired well with or without a jacket


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