The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Men's Shoe Size for the Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect fit for your men's shoes is akin to unlocking the secret to lasting comfort and impeccable style. With precision-crafted footwear, ensuring the right fit is more than a luxury—it's a necessity. Follow our comprehensive guide to measuring your shoe size at home, ensuring every step you take is in comfort and style.

Step-by-Step Guide to Accurately Measure Your Shoe Size

Foot size guide printing instructions

To embark on your journey towards the perfect shoe fit, begin with the Size Guide. Compatible with all operating systems, this guide is designed to be effortlessly printed for your convenience. However, accuracy is key—set your printer to a 100% scale to avoid any discrepancies. Confirm the scale's accuracy by placing a credit card at the bottom of attached image, in the designated area, ensuring it matches exactly.

How do i find the right shoe size?

Artisanal shoes are crafted from diverse lasts, which means the same foot length can correspond to different sizes depending on the model chosen. Even if you're a footwear expert, a different model may require a different size. It's crucial, then, to measure your foot meticulously before making a purchase, following the instructions detailed below.

Image 1

Step-by-step guide to take the correct measurement

  • Locate the Foot Outline: Attached image features the outline of a foot. This will be your template.
    To ensure you've printed the guide to accurate scale, a simple verification with a regular credit card on top can provide peace of mind.
  • Preparation: Slip into the socks or tights you typically wear with shoes;
  • Positioning: Fold the sheet along the red dotted line marked “Please fold here” and position it against a flat surface by a wall;
  • Measurement: Stand with your heel against the wall within the foot outline. It's advisable to perform this step while standing to ensure accuracy; having someone assist you can make this easier;
  • Marking: Identify and mark the longest part of your foot on the template. This will be crucial for finding your true size;
  • Measure both feet and use the measurements of the larger foot as your reference.
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    Find the right shoe size for you

    Armed with the precise measurements of your foot in centimeters, refer to the size chart on the product page of the shoe model you're interested in. The chart not only provides size information but also the width of the shoe last, indicated by one of three letters:
    A = Narrow width
    B = Medium width
    C = Wide width

  • Navigate to the Size Chart on the product page;
  • Locate your foot length in the table;
  • Select the size that matches your foot length;

  • Should your measurements sit between two sizes, opt for the smaller size for the best fit.

    At your disposal

    Questions or uncertainties about your size? Our Client Services team is ready to assist. Reach out via email to, and our dedicated team of experts will respond within 24 working hours.
    Embarking on the journey to find your perfectly fitting shoe begins with precision. By following these detailed steps, you're not just measuring your foot; you're stepping closer to unparalleled comfort and style that proudly offers. Whether it's for a day at the office or a special night out, the right shoe size is your first step towards a confident and stylish stride.